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Q: This past March, we saw two officer-involved shootings in Calgary, in the span of a week, one fatal.

How have recent events like this influenced the sermon you’re working on?

Another officer said, “It’s been a long time since I really felt validated doing my job so I thank you for giving me that.” Q: You’ve preached about a lot of other vocations, how is this sermon different than some of the others you’ve done?

They’re dealing with the worst of the worst in split second decision type scenarios and they’re fallible and they fall short and they make mistakes and it doesn’t always go right.

Q: Tell me about what other research has gone in to your sermon?

I’m talking with four different Calgary Police Service Officers.

One is not a person of faith, another is more of an agnostic, the others are people of faith.

I’ve been asking them about their deepest loves, and passions, and fears with regards to their work.

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It’s put a bit of the fear of God in me because I don’t want to preach this in an imbalanced or unjust way, in either direction.

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