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***To be tolerant of all views of all members on this site.m (Suffering and disagreements are part of life people.) ***Respect all religious, spiritual, and agnostic views of it's members.

***To be more accepting than exclusive, yet hold the right to remove those that harm others.

This is in order for us to address the issue of site payment. I am trying this route to see if we can get someone from NING to at least respond.

Hello, Please check out our 24/7 online gospel radio station Praise 2 Go Radio and like us. The bottom line of his argument was that sex outside of the marriage covenant is sin and is totally contrary to God's agenda for single believers.

Our website is me back at [email protected], Pastor Demetria Bass The River Christian Center Welcome to the 2010 blessing community2010 Blessings is a Community based, invitation only, exclusive group of like- minded people that want to help each other with gifts from the heart giving cash, yes I said cash J it’s friendship, relationship, networking, blessings, a community of like-minded people. That bedrock truth never changes in any culture or any setting.

My fisrt question is simple : why should we live under this specific tattoo law of Leviticus and avoid all the other laws of Leviticus book? And I'm not talking about the rules concerning the sacrifices, but all the other rules that are ***To support, encourage, & promote interaction between Asian Men & Black Women.

I am almost done with The Bait Of Satan by John Bevere. Many christian talked me about the verses of Leviticus .

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In 1 Corinthians -20, Paul discussed sex outside of marriage.

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