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If you do download the game for free, remember that there's nothing stopping you from going back to the page and using the pay-what-you-want checkout to pass the game's creator a tip for a job well done. Janine Hawkins (@bleatingheart on Twitter, Iris Ophelia in Second Life) has been writing about virtual worlds and video games for nearly a decade, and has had her work featured on Paste, Kotaku, Jezebel and The Mary Sue.Name: Juliette Prais Position & Company: Founder and Company Director, Pink Lobster Dating Twitter ID: @Lipstick Lezzer Can you give a brief description about Pink Lobster Dating and what it does?Pink Lobster Dating is the first and only site for femme lesbian and bisexual women to meet each other, with professional experts and more. I was on the dating scene and finding it especially hard being a femme lesbian myself.We are also all about the love — hence why we are called Pink Lobster Dating — lobsters mate for life! Online I was often faced with a barrage of creepy men thinking I was not a real lesbian just because of the way I look.

It is about the quality not the quantity or as we say “we trawl; you catch”!Our first Date Night will be sometime in Mid September. on Twitter for a while now, and with scenes like the one above you can probably understand why I was excited to see that the pay-what-you-want indie game finally launched earlier this week.Also I was often surprised by the amount of distrust from other lesbians based on my appearance alone.When I eventually found someone and had a chance to reflect on my experiences the brainwave came to me.

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