Phpbb overallheader not updating

This code does general housekeeping chores, things that need to be done before any templates (like page_header) are called.

Currently it manages the $HTTP_XX_VARS arrays (clearing out any unexpected values), checks server settings (magic quotes, etc.), includes a bunch of other files used on every page (constants.php, template.php, sessions.php, and so on).

You can use this to run the SQL required to install MODs if you don't have access to php My Admin, as long as you are sure you know what you're doing. You can achieve this by banning either or both of a specific user or an individual or range of IP addresses or hostnames.

These methods prevent a user from even reaching the index page of your board.

In php BB 3.0 all files were put into the core’s root folder.

In php BB 3.1 a special directory for extensions has been created.

The example definition of the Newspage controller service would be something similar to: Basically migrations do the same as your 3.0 UMIL files.

It performs the database changes of your MOD/Extension.

This is where the "admin reauthentication" code was added.To prevent a user from registering under a different username you can also specify a banned email address.Please note that banning an email address alone will not prevent that user from being able to log on or post to your board.Note that deleting individual posts (user feature) is done via and not This is really just a shell that loads or calls other included files. Manage the general configuration options (phpbb_config). One of the subtle issues with this page is that you cannot insert values, you can only update.

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