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you would never under any circumstance use a microsoft product of any are true to your plans to close all chatrooms except subscription-only services in the united states and free, monitored forums in australia, brazil, canada, japan and new zealand.

but they have said that they only fund internal internet only projects.

– by spacca“msn international's decision to limit the company's chat service for paying subscribers is done with accordance to the company policy of turning internet services to paid services, as it did in the past with [hotmail] extra storage and msn 8.” “msn israel does not offer msn intl chat services directly, but works with a local chat solution to offer a chat product to its users.

this service will be remaining open, unaffected by the changes to msn chat.” msn's european head, geoff sutton, admitted as much that money considerations formed the company's thinking in shutting chatrooms.

people in those regions wishing to continue chatting will need to switch to instant messaging via microsoft messenger.

the catalyst appears to be the tremendous amount of misuse that is occuring in the chat rooms on a daily basis.

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still, while this change will most likely ebb the flow of spam/porn dialogue for awhile, those folks that want to peddle this unwanted content will simply find another venue – by mki applaude the actions of bill but this is a stunning move and a pat on the back is in order.

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