Perks of dating an older man

Hall tied the knot only four months after being introduced to her new love. It never hurts to date older guys, especially given that these dudes know certain things: They understand our beauty needs.He has wrinkles, thinning hair and a brown spot or two himself, but as long as he looks healthy, he doesn't feel compelled to look young. or that Rogaine foam, that camouflage leg makeup or those trifocal readers, for that matter!You might love his deep pockets, but with his great power comes your vulnerability.

We may hate the phrase "looking good for your age," but frankly that's what many a 50 man thinks — why else would they be checking us out?But we're also probably the only ones who still buy prunes and house slippers or wear support hose on airplanes.So isn't it nice to have a companion who understands what the hell you're on about when you grow wistful over: They are available and reliable.When you get right down to it, good grooming and well-cut feminine clothes that reveal your shape are all it takes.Silk blouses, cashmere sweaters, pencil skirts, lean trousers …

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