Plaintext: The decryption function is where a - 1 is the modular multiplicative inverse of a modulo m.

I.e., it satisfies the equation The multiplicative inverse of a only exists if a and m are coprime.

(1987) Genèse de l’idée d’une théologie de la culture dans Religion et Culture.

(1974) La philosophie de la religion de Paul Tillich.

When encrypting, a person looks up each letter of the message in the 'plain' line and writes down the corresponding letter in the 'cipher' line. The encryption can also be represented using modular arithmetic by first transforming the letters into numbers, according to the scheme, A = 0, B = 1,..., Z = 25.

In the conference On the idea of a theology of culture, Tillich enunciated the bases with which he would build his understanding of theology as a normative science of religion. ROUSSEL, D (2008) Deux lectures théologiques du désenchantement du monde: Jean Richard et Pierre Gisel en Religion, modernité et démocratie en dialogue avec Marcel Gauchet. Mes intérêts de recherche portent principalement sur la tension historique entre la théorie critique (surtout Adorno) et la phénoménologie (surtout Heidegger et Husserl), ainsi que sur le soubassement historique de cette tension.Atbash is an ancient encryption system created in the Middle East. The Atbash cipher is a simple substitution cipher that relies on transposing all the letters in the alphabet such that the resulting alphabet is backwards.The first letter is replaced with the last letter, the second with the second-last, and so on.

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