Pastor dating parishioner

What is an appropriate relationship between clergy and laity within the local church?

When asked, 25% of respondents said that close friendships with members of their congregation did not affect their pastoral authority.

Initially, I filled my free time with a variety of activities – exercise, museums, and local events.

Nevertheless, I quickly grew exhausted of enjoying these things alone.

This research, however, is specific to adult victims, mostly women, and perpetrators within The United Methodist Church in the United States.

Clergy attending a boundaries training were asked to anonymously answer seven questions about sexual ethics.

When the responses to those two questions are aggregated: So, while half of the respondents do not accept close relationships or dating parishioners, the other half do accept some combination of close relationships and/or dating.

When I understood those two things, I made a conscious decision to exclude my parishioners from the dating pool.I’m certain, like me, many have wondered how marriage fits into this already full and exhausting schedule.In fact, I’ve often pondered if it’s fair to bring someone into my life knowing the nature of my work and the strain it can place on relationships.Some of the findings are the following: It might seem heartening that 41% of respondents don’t know anyone involved in sexual misconduct by clergy.The reverse, though, is that nearly six of every 10 clergypersons (59%) know someone who was a perpetrator or victim — sometimes both — of clergy sexual misconduct.

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