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It's true the issue of prostitution and violence against women or children is not exclusive to Pakistan, far from it.

But prostitution in Pakistan remains deeply stigmatized even though the Internet and cell phones are only making it more accessible and known through the media in the past couple of years.

Fellow photographer Jonathan Torgovnik whom is currently exhibiting at Fovea gallery encountered a similar internal battle we photographers face when documenting victims of abuse.

Jonathan, like myself, discussed at length with the women, explaining the risks involved by partaking in the project.

Sleeping in dirty rat infested alleys, selling sexual favors to survive.

None were ever taught how to defend themselves from greedy predators bribing them with sweets or a few rupees to spend some time on the lap of a stranger or a familiar neighbor.

Roaming the streets while their mothers earn their meager income, the children are easy targets to abuse, drugs and crime.

Cheap glue is available through the local shoe factory, an easy high for many of the kids.

The assignment is to express what makes one happy or sad.These bodies of works, among many others, have provided us with a deeper insight into prostitution and the suffering.But despite these efforts, against women and children continues, and is growing at a rapid rate.At night some of them dress in saris, exposing their midriffs at the most.There is no exposed deep cleavages or exposed legs in any of the 250 brothels I have since entered in this area.

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