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These disgraceful men should be traced back to their original towns, villages and families to be exposed and shamed in their home. Such a shameful act, by some members of the same family - who no doubt were married and probably had daughters of their own of the same age, or even older. It was to tackle these problems, myself and a few other law abiding British Pakistanis living in the UK started a campaign called PAGAL - so that this kind of stuff never happens again to any girl. All these will soon get the same treatment in their rears what they did to poor child! Remember there are a million pakistanis who are an epitome of a perfect citizen in UK. Their children will not want to admit who their condemned fathers are.

The are a disgrace to the human race, a source of shame to their families, their faith, their community and their erstwhile homeland. US/UK prisons are known to be very harsh for child abusers. Especially rest of the prisoners are given full pass to exploit them.

Furthermore they will fight the case on Human rights basis @ further cost to us poor Taxpayers , as most of them & their families will be living off the state ! Mullahs, Generals, Feudals, PM, Justices etc etc should all come under the purview of the law.

The wives have nothing to say, but these men have damaged their children who will never forgive them.Unfortunately almost all of them would come free alive.For me, anything less than life long prison is the minimum punishment.Congratulations to the new parents and their bundle of joy!that asked it to designate Pakistan a state sponsor of terrorism, citing a law introduced in the House of Representatives last week.

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