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Click Done To receive new mail messages, click the Take Offline button, then click the Check Mail button.I have two IMAP accounts and after opening Mail, it would take minutes to have new mail come in.Initially restarting Mail seems to fix this, but the problem seems to re-occur every time I wake up my computer from sleep/hibernation.I don't want to have to restart Mail every time I do this. I noticed you removed the check mark for answer completed to you original question! I suggest you ask new question rather then trying to resolve it as comment, or modifying you question at some later time. Rebuilding or recreating a user profile will sometimes fix it.If you have exported your Studio Cloud calendar to Outlook (see Export your Studio Cloud Calendar to Outlook 2007), you may want to change the refresh or update rate of the calendar.

When I click the "Get new messages" button it successfully retrieves mail from the Exchange server.

When it didn’t or when you want to make sure you do have the latest OAB available, you could manually trigger an update from within Outlook as well.

If the update mechanism appears to be broken for you, it could be because of a corruption in your OAB or in your mail profile.

The longer the refresh rate, the less up-to-date your calendar will be.

I might have a problem with my Offline Address Book in Outlook.

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