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This makes it the second oldest human fossil east of India, and the oldest in Australia. These are believed to have roughly the same age as Mungo Man and Mungo Lady. Because it was not protected, this skeleton was destroyed by wind and rain about a year later.The main idea at the time is called Out of Africa hypothesis: It says that humans developed on the African continent, and spread from there.Optical dating concluded that both LM1 and LM3 were buried around 40,000 years ago (plus or minus 2,000 years). The body was covered with red ochre, in the earliest known example of such a complicated and artistic burial practice.Like the cremation of LM1, this indicates that certain cultural traditions have existed on the Australian continent for much longer than previously thought.

His remains are the oldest human remains that have been found in Australia.

The skeleton was badly preserved: large pieces of the skull were missing, and most of the bones in the limbs were damaged.

Usually, the gender of a skeleton is determined using the bones in the skull and the pelvis.

The problem is that these bones are in a very bad state in LM3, or they are missing altogether; in other words, the "normal" method of gender determination cannot be used with LM3.

Since LM3 was discovered, other features were studied; most of these studies agree that LM3 was probably a male.

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The morphology of Mungo Man is noticeably different from these skeletons.

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