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Oprah was approached last year by art dealer Larry Gagosian who had a Chinese buyer interested in purchasing the 100-year-old painting, Bloomberg reports.

The sale was one of the most expensive private art deals in 2016.

The couple were married in a spiritual ceremony on March 28 by Unity in Chicago minister Heidi Alfrey.

Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer I became the subject of Hollywood film, The Woman in Gold, starring Helen Mirren as Adele's niece.

She fought for decades to regain the portrait from the Nazis who had renamed it because they didn't want people to know the woman was Jewish.

'And in a rare occurrence, she even confessed 'I'm speechless,' a condition that did not last for long.

She told Mary: 'You have no idea what you meant to me.'However her quick-witted guest fired back, 'Yes, I think I do.'Speaking about her previously, Oprah said: 'When I was just starting out in TV I was inspired by one woman whose show I never missed.'I tuned in every week just to see her turn the world on with her smile.' She also reflected on her idol's legacy as she spoketo Extra, saying: 'Her legacy is every life that she has touched.

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She has previously admitted she 'wanted to be' Mary Tyler Moore.

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