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As this thesis is written from a Western point of view, some chapters about Eastern cultures appear more detailed than the Western equivalent.

It might be opposite if the author were from Eastern cultural origin: more Western characteristics would then be regarded as remarkable.

We shop, socialize, connect, communicate, work and even find our partners online. In this thesis the author will demonstrate that culture influences online dating and determining factors for finding a partner online.

The world is going online and it seems that how we choose to life our lives is more related to opportunities offered by the online world than to the cultural values we are born in and raised with.

In order to culture deriving from one’s social environment instead of one’s genes, it distinguishes on the one hand from human nature (universal and inherited) and on the other hand from one’s personality (inherited, learned and individually specific).

ways of greeting, and weddings),heroes (idealized models presenting behaviour within a culture),andsymbols (e.g.

After describing the methodology of empirical research, the actual subject of this study, online dating websites in USA, Germany, India and Japan, is presented in according subchapters.

Each subchapter starts with a short introduction about the country itself and selected cultural characteristics.

India and Japan were chosen to present online dating in Eastern cultures.

Some aspects of culture, which are relevant within this thesis, are hard to generalise for all people within a country, as there are big differences, depending on urbanization, religion, and socio-economic status.

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The conclusion involves important outcomes and provides prospects to further research issues.

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