Older generations and interracial dating

The mom apprises the father (privately and not in front of the girl) and the father pretends as if he is not aware of anything going on till some time before the marriage fixing ceremony called “Thaka” or “Roka”.

In this article, we will look at the culture and past of this region.

If they happen to like each other (They are supposed to say “Yes” or “No” either the same day or in the next few days), dating starts from this point onwards.

In case of love marriages also, it is generally expected that both boy and girl seek parents’ approval.

Another famous saying is “Sada Suhagan Rahe”, meaning “may you never become a widow”; that is you should die earlier than your husband.

In the lower North India state of Rajasthan, ladies used to observe ‘Sati’ – a lady would sit on the burning pyre of her dead husband and burn herself alive.

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Before marriage, a list of such relatives is given to father of the bride to be.

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