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Up until then you risked an accidental discharge from a dropped revolver if the gun was carried with a hammer down on a loaded cylinder, which as you may imagine, was a real concern at the time.These guns were sold in both a small frame version with a three to six inch barrel in 22LR (7-shot) or 32S&W (5-shot), and a large frame 38S&W version that came in barrel lengths as short as 2-inches.If you’ve got a habit of poking around at gun shows or shops and you ever chance upon an old hinged-framed, break-top revolver under the glass, take a moment to look at the grips.

With production dates under 1941, they are all C&R eligible and many First and Second Models are classified as pre-1898 antiques.With so many options you could buy a small concealable revolver for discreet carry or hiding in a cash drawer, or a larger piece for home defence.When introduced Safety Automatics retailed for , which in todays money is about 0.If you want to buy one of these and shoot it, take a moment of pause.The newest Iver Johnson Safety Auto is still more than sixty years old.

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