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We were attending a New Year’s Eve jamboree at my friend Jodie’s Greenpoint residence, which she refers to as the “Yellow Witch House” because it’s yellow and she’s evil.On that particular night, she had collaborated with her upstairs neighbors to throw a three-story apocalyptic drug-fueled rock-and-roll rager.

I snagged someone’s full Budweiser and poured it on the bedroom floor with the idea that a gang of ruthless gentlemen would soon be closing in and I would need the bottle for use as weaponry.

Ersan thinks he purchased fossil dinosaur feces, but the owners don't buy it.

18 November 2010At Obscura, Ryan is on the hunt for a high-end monkey skull to satisfy a picky new customer.

4 November 2010In Obscura Antiques & Oddities a collector offers a mummified cat for sale, but is it valuable? Also: A playwright with a passion for straitjackets visits, while a seller brings in musket balls, only to discover their true origin is much stranger.

11 November 2010In Obscura Antiques & Oddities a model turned mortician makes a bizarre request to display her newest fashion line, and a shopper makes a purchase that tests Mike's gag reflex.

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