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After an hour she felt that what appeared to be arrogance in my profile is the same strong confidence she has in herslef.when I asked her if she would write a testiment she said no way in hell. Some things are best kept a secret" she writes me every day - mostly 4 page stories of erotica and desires.Sometimes the sexeist things a person has going for them is their brains and attitude. And when one couples the confidence in thier body witht he mind, brain and heart its a total all out nuclear attack. Ain't nothing sexier baby than a confident woman knowing how to please their partner I'm very confident and know most men perceive me that way and I think at times it's more of a turn-off than a turn-on.Let's face it, deep down most men want a someone they can take care of and most women want to be taken care's inate, our nature, no matter how much we think it isn't.I have been around loud, assertive and outspoken women who used extroversion as a coping mechanism for a lack of self- or social confidence.Body language in confident women is different than observed in shy, retiring types; the former has an open style, the latter is space conserved, to reduce attention.Lisawithana Ok so whats wrong with him taking care of me and me taking care of him. But still I know my capabilities, and know I am very able to take care of myself, my family, my home and my life. Which is why it's nice to have someone by your side to compliment each.

Most men don't get that with me cuz I am's all relative. I can be and am outspoken at times We are all many things.

I find confident women learn to temper their contributions in groups and in one-on-one conversation.

They may not say much, but when they do, the quality of their ideas and opinions carries weight and holds attention without histrionics.

'Quiet' and 'shy' are attributes often mistaken for one another in women.

I also find 'assertive' and 'confident' are not necessarily interchangeable terms.

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