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The predictably titled One Night in Paris should be available on the company's Website June 15--ironically, just one day before the Simple Life 2 premieres on Fox.

While Hilton's infamous sex tape has undoubtedly given her career a boost (as well as proved the adage that there's no such thing as bad publicity), Nolin doesn't seem to be seeking the same kind of infamy.

When I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Disease in 2009, I was relieved to learn that I finally had a diagnosis.To read more please Click Here – Category: Beauty Tips & Tricks Blog, Slider Category · Tags: beautiful, beautiful inside and out, gena lee nolin, gena nolin, inside and out, nolin, thyroid disease, thyroid sexy, veux, veux magazine Actress Gena Lee Nolin chats with Star Cam at the Ringling Bros.Fully Charged event about what she’s been working on lately. I’m doing tons of health boot camps and just being busy with the kids.Nolin finally discovered a medication that helped treat her sickness and now she uses this and many of her experiences to help others who are suffering from the same or similar illnesses.She opens up is brutally honest about her health struggles and in this book she offers solutions and technical advice that was collected from several doctors in the thyroid field.

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