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My other next door but 1 (well shes at the other side of my next door neighbourswith snicket in between) well shes a lovely old lady and shes fed up of them too, shes a keen gardener but always has them peering at her and she said they need to get an hobby or get back to work as they both left jobs in last few years due to ill health, she said they have a diary of everyones comings and goings which i can believe.

When i moved in he came round and said he was the leader of the street wtf, does everyones bins apart from the family i have next door who nobody likes anyway, if theres a car parked up thats not a regular car they try investigate whos it is, same with strangers.

as for the CCTV they can have it up but there are strict regulations.

for example it cant reord outside the boundaries of ones own property without permission.

I would also go as far as saying that if it does not stop you will be mentioning this to the local police and asking for their advice.

Resolving Issues with Neighbours Directly Seeking Noise Resolution through the Authorities Avoiding Noisy Neighbours Community Q&A Noisy neighbours can really be irritating at times, disturbing your sleep and regular activities.

They may not even know they're bothering you, so it's usually best to start by being polite.

Today was bin day, our can bins last month it didnt end up emptied why?

as the bin men are so unreliable it got to a certain time in the afternoon and he went round taking everyones in - he likes to arrange them in a line and takes them back to everyone as soon as collected!

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