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Thanks to its oil reserves Nigeria is one of the most prosperous nations in Africa.Unfortunately that prosperity does not help the vast majority of Nigerians; as with many African nations there is a dizzying divide between the rich and the poor.So, over to you, get started right away with penpals dating…Nigeria is often not thought of as a traditional country to look for international love but statistics show that it is a rising force in the world of international dating.Nigeria is a country about twice the size of California located on the West Coast of Africa and is named after the river Niger which flows through it.It's a great place to look for an African bride, because it has the largest population of any country in Africa, about 160 million or so.Although International Love Scout is not strictly Nigerian dating site, it does have a great selection of Nigerian women from some of the top African dating sites online.They take a different approach than most Global dating sites – they aggregate women’s dating profiles from multiple dating sites on the net, so the site can end up saving you hours of searching.

From an aesthetic point of view Nigerian women are predominantly dark skinned but again with English, Portuguese, Spanish and other European influences you will notice a pretty broad cross-section of looks and skin tones.Ignore the advertising banner at the top of the page, scroll down a little and look at the photos and read about each person.You can join Pen Pals as a Standard Member completely for free — this is really easy too.This income gap is one of the reasons why so many Beautiful Nigerian girls go looking outside their own country for a mate.Another reason Nigerian women want to date foreign men is because of their status in their own country.

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  1. We are here to tell you there are plenty of fish in a very big sea — perhaps as far away as China, Colombia, Brazil, Russia or the Ukraine—and we are going to explain to you the resources available to find a suitable bride for you.

  2. Lebih kurang jam 1.00 pagi baru diorang turun…..i tengok dah mabuk semua. So dengan tension nya kami relaks kat tepi jalan memikirkan bagaimana nak safe gadis sorang ni. Tapi problem nya sekarang bagaimana nak settle masaalah gadis ni. Tiba-tiba gadis tu kata ” Alah tinggal aje lah kat bandar ‘K’ ni, sewa hotel cari pasangan masing-masing, kan best!! I suruh salah sorang dari mereka bertanggung jawab. Dalam perjalanan pulang dari kedai kopi tu I teringat pada bilik gadis tu. I pun pi lah ke bilik gadis tu….sampai kat pintu I pun pasang telinga. I pun cepat-cepat lah bukak pintu takut ada apa-apa hal kat budak tu. I sempat nak marah kerana dia menahan I dari manarik keluar tongkat I tadi. Besok paginya bila I bangun tidur dia sedang mandi. “Fuuuh……cukup lah hari ni, tapi lain kali kita buat lagi ya,” ujarnya seolah membawa I berjanji.