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Senate File 71 does indeed penalize utility scale wind and solar.The bill punishes these energy sources by charging utilities a fine for their usage at a rate that makes utility scale wind and solar uncompetitive in today’s Wyoming electricity market.Further, Senate File 71 only applies to electricity sold to Wyoming consumers.Two thirds of electricity generated in Wyoming is exported.The legislation will not prevent utilities from selling solar or wind electricity generated in Wyoming even in theunlikely event it becomes law.What the bill does is illuminate the political conversation around energy source preference mandates.Other LA cities including Santa Monica, Lancaster and Sebastopol also require solar on new buildings.

Rather, policy should allow all energy sources to compete as freely as possible to serve consumer energy needs.

Competition and capitalism will encourage the continued energy innovation that produces the affordable, abundant and environmental stewardship friendly energy Americans desire.

And compete wind and solar can: for two years running, Lazard finds when one controls for subsidies, utility scale wind and solar electricity are at times cost-competitive with natural gas and coal.

Senate File 71 highlights problems associated with governments choosing energy winners and losers.

When one strips away the veneer of renewables and instead, preferences fossil, penalizing utilities for using specific energy sources appear nakedly ludicrous.

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