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There is a new software update available for select Kindle e-readers, which provides general performance enhancements and security improvements.Go to Important Kindle E-Reader Software Update for detailed instructions.To learn more, take a look at our blog post, Why We Build Websites With Word Press.A high bounce rate, especially on your home page, indicates that potential customers are not getting a good impression from your website.I did see that in some cases an author or editor was still showing as “editing” the piece of content but that wasn’t the case for all of them.

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What’s the expected practice (if any) to keep articles updated once published – is it a manual action on our editors part to review the “Needs to be updated” list and take action or does/can the plugin do that?

Also for some of those “Needs to be updated” articles the hover actions don’t always contain the publish option to, I guess, update Apple News.

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