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Sree inga vandhu paren Antony: hmmm varen anni Sharmila : Thuni lam epdi kalachi potu vechirukan Antony: ha ha chinna payan anni Antony: apdithan irupan Sharmila : Idha vera ipa eduthu vekkanum Antony: hmm na help panren anni Antony: dnt worry Sharmila : Paravalla pa ne ukaru na eduthu vechikuren Antony: ayo paravaila anni Antony: ithula enna iruku Sharmila : Seri pa Sharmila : En bra jatti lam kadakudhu bed la Antony: Hmmm atha na edukuren Antony: eduthu madikiren Sharmila : Na adha pathutu... Na pathukuren Sharmila : :$ Antony: Ayo its k anni Antony: na madikiren kudunga Sharmila : Idhelamm.. Seri pa edho panu Antony: hmmmm Antony: Unga panty perusa iruku Antony: atha na madikiren Sharmila : Kumaarr adhellam ne poi madichikutu..

Sharmila : Ama da Antony: hmmm ok Sharmila : Nee veetuku vandhutiya Antony: hmmm s aunty Antony: am in home only Sharmila : Kk Antony: hmmmm Antony: Enga chat panitrukrapa poiteenga? Sharmila : Thookam vandhuchi Antony: hmmm k k aunty Antony: Ipo free thana aunty? Sharmila : Irupen da sollu ena vishayam Antony: Chuma chat panathan aunty Antony: Suppose na sudden ah offline poita udane nenga poidathennga.. Sharmila : Seri da chellam Sharmila : Antony: hmmm aunty Sharmila : Ennna daa Antony: chuma aunty Sharmila : Mmmmm Antony: apram aunty solunga Antony: Ena chatm panalam Sharmila : Un ishtam da Antony: hmmm neengale solunga aunty Sharmila : Adhan sollitane un ishhtam Antony: hmmmm ok aunty Antony: Night evalo neram aunty otharu? Sharmila : Half n hour da Antony: hmmm Antony: semaya panara aunty Sharmila : Pannaru da Antony: hmmm Antony: Role play panalam aunty Sharmila : Mmm panalam da Antony: Entha mathri concept aunty?Kudi Antony: hmmm kudunga anni Sharmila : Paal na avlo pidikuma pa Antony: hmmm s anni Antony: yen nikireenga.. Sharmila : Mmm Antony: hmmm oil nala skin oda chudi lam apdiye otiruku Antony: ungaluku Sharmila : Hmmm Antony: Hmmm apram anni Antony: anna ena solran Antony: olunga gavanichukrana? Sharmila : Hmm kavanichikuran da Sharmila : Ey avan enga nu na room ulla poren..

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