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15 March 2017 HE ALSO GOT ME PREGNANT …2nd worker nails ex-casino boss ANOTHER illicit affair between a former Africa Sun Casino boss and a female subordinate has emerged after he allegedly forced her... over 4 000 diarrhoea deaths recorded POOR water and sanitation in Zimbabwe has continued to kill innocent children with more than 4 000 diarrhoea deaths having been recorded within...

13 March 2017 A CHITUNGWIZA woman allegedly stole a baby in Pretoria, South Africa where she was employed as a maid before misleading her Zimbabwean based boyfriend that she had just given birth. 10 March 2017 HUMANITARIAN and development partners supporting the country in the wake of floods that have ravaged some parts of the country have been called to ensure that they consider gender mainstreaming... 28 February 2017 At a time economic challenges are affecting many businesses, Oceane Collection Perfumes has remained the employer of choice, bringing smiles to the hundreds of distributors of this unique...

Among the guests were married women who temporarily ‘replaced’ their husbands as they got to ‘tango’ with some youthful men believed to be informal traders (dealers) at Ximex Mall.

Tang was ferried to Gweru General Hospital where a scan was conducted and later transferred to Parirenyatwa Hospital.

When robbers discovered that the two were having sex, they allegedly started throwing stones at the car but the sex worker managed to escape leaving the expatriate at the mess of the attackers. It is alleged that Thai who is a constructor at the cement company hooked up with the sex worker at around1am and drove to rugby grounds at the Sports Club near Mugoni Lodge.

At some stage stones started hitting their car and Chaparira escaped and went and made a report at the Police station.

On the video, the party starts when the crew, who were travelling in a convoy of two cars parked by the roadside and kicked off their indecent and raunchy dances that left other motorists dumbfounded.

The women were visibly drunk but while H-Metro could not independently establish what they were downing, the joke in town is that they were drinking the popular ZED brew after making contributions of US per head.

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The State alleges Rajkovic then phoned his friend and invited him to his house after telling him the complainant had allegedly agreed to bestiality for $300.

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