Naked lebanese women

Such problems, they say, make racy photos seem relatively minor by comparison.

Lebanese author and journalist Joumana Haddad argued the entire saga has been blown out of proportion.

(CNN) -- Like most skiers in Sochi, Jacky Chamoun had hoped to cause a stir on the slopes rather than off them.

But the Lebanese athlete, who is set to compete in the slalom and giant slalom at the Winter Olympics, has been forced to apologize after photos and a video of her topless from a fashion shoot dating back three years ago surfaced.

"I thank her for giving, actually, a more positive image of Lebanon in a period where all we see on TV, on international news are bombings, explosions, kidnappings," explained Lea Baroudi, head of the activist group MARCH Lebanon.We are a country without a government; we are dysfunctional." Added Haddad, "There is violence and human rights and womens' rights violations happening here every day and that doesn't get 10% of the attention this so-called scandal has gotten from people." For now, many Lebanese just want a distraction they can be proud of, like witnessing the athletic feats of a fellow citizen.Photographer Jack Seikaly was among those who felt that one of the best things he could to support her was stripping down."I went to bed at 6am and when I woke up at 10am on the same day, I found 4,000 likes on the Facebook page!" The campaign has since taken Lebanese media by storm, dominating chat shows, newspapers and social networking sites including Twitter and Facebook.

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