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Kenya’s fast-food industry has in recent years been bustling with activity as several international brands set up shop locally, targeting the middle class.

Fifteen flavours of chicken wings should keep someone coming back. He partnered with his father to open the Galleria outlet at a cost of Sh6 million.

Personally I have never visited the place (lower your eyebrow please, am claustrophobic) but all the hype and hoola baloo about the place just gets me started every time I hear its mention.

For that reason, I may therefore not be in a position to comment on the dress code required there but who cares what you wear if the place you are visiting is always streaming with people from Monday to Monday on a full time basis.

Most of our subscribers are female subscribers who advertise their services which include: Escorts services in Nairobi Kenya, Hookup services, Massage services and many more services.

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