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But some, including feminists and legal scholars, say laws like New York's overstep, and risk turning into a criminal someone who honestly misread a sexual cue.

"We're a big believer in an affirmative consent standard," Bregman said.There is a movement to extend the same consent rules to everyone.The draft sexual assault law being written by the American Law Institute would make sex without express consent a misdemeanor anywhere.Consent in the real world Cecilia Colesanti is a student at SUNY Oswego, where "Yes Means Yes" became the rule last year."I think the policy has good intentions, but to expect college students, especially freshman, to step back for a minute and have a conversation about intercourse before anything goes down is kind of silly," Colesanti said.

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The number of false allegations for sexual assault crimes is about the same as any other crime: between 2 and 8 percent, Cunningham said.

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