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And they may stay connected for most of the evening.[blockquote] Google’s new social networking tool, Buzz may put children in danger.Otherwise, if not set to private, anyone could interact with your child.Disabling Buzz may be the best option if users are under the age of 13.Importantly, most youth handle unwanted solicitations appropriately by blocking or ignoring solicitors, leaving sites, or telling solicitors to stop.

According to the 2006 Teen Internet Safety Survey conducted by the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children and Cox Communications, 33 percent of 13- to 17-year olds reported that their parents or guardians know “very little” or “nothing” about what they do on the Internet.(About one‐quarter of these aggressive solicitations came from people the youth knew in person, mostly other youth.) As is the case with any form of sexual abuse, most often the victim “knows” the perpetrator.According to Nancy Willard (2009) of the Center for Safe and Responsible Internet Use: “The Internet is not the primary means that predators are using to contact and communicate with child and teen victims.” Willard suggests that we need to be more concerned about family and acquaintance abusers who are using interactive technologies to sexually abuse children (e.g., creating child pornography).[blockquote]“The Internet is not the primary means that predators are using to contact and communicate with child and teen victims.”[/blockquote] Attempts to contact children offline – Researchers at the Crimes Against Children Research Center (2007) estimate that some of the more serious types of sexual solicitations are more appropriately considered “threatening or dangerous situations that youth encounter online.” The 4% of youth who receive “aggressive” sexual solicitations include attempts to contact the youth offline.These are the episodes most likely to result in actual victimizations.

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It is anonymous and no one is required to reveal personal information; yet many do. (Even if you don’t have a webcam, you can still connect and view others.) Once you click “start” you are connected with a total stranger. Talk to your kids about the dangers of chatting.[/blockquote] Youth seeking sexual relationships – Researchers at the Crimes Against Children Research Center (2008) (PDF) are also finding that some youth are using the Internet to seek sexual relationships with adults (see Sexting statistics below).

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