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They apparently then took control of the cameras through the family’s modem and DVR system.Jennifer told ABC she’s not allowing her children on the internet now, saying “I just can’t chance it again.” She urges other parents to stay vigilant when it comes to their children’s online activities.There was clearly a distraction, whether it was by using the phone or not looking up, it was clear the defendant didn't see the slowing vehicles in front of him for a period of something like 45 seconds.'It is not just phone calls and texts.Phones are more complicated now and take more attention, that makes it take longer to use them.In a statement read on behalf of the family, she said: 'Today Tomasz Kroker has been sentenced for killing much-loved members of our family.However, in our eyes, the sentence does not do justice to the crime committed.

Security experts said that the hackers likely found the family’s IP address by accessing her daughter’s i Pad through a video game the girls were playing, Jennifer said.And the threat goes beyond just security camera footage.Hackers can also get access to baby monitors and speak to young children late at night.Jennifer says she found out about the live stream thanks to a post in a Facebook group for new Houston mothers.According to ABC, the post was written by Shelby Ivie, who lives more than 2,000 miles away in Keizer, Oregon.

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As for this latest incident, a security company was able to track the hack and believes it originated from a video game one of Jennifer's daughters was playing.

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