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The study lends support to the idea of a link between a reduction in male fertility rates that has come alongside the surging popularity of mobile phones.If men want to avoid the effects of mobile phones on their fertility, such as if they are looking to conceive, then they should leave turn off their devices while they charge or keep them from the groin area, the study concludes.Males have kept their dominance in card/battle games, strategy, tower defense, sports and action/RPG.That should give some hardcore game reviewers, irked by the overnight success of the Kardashian game, a sigh of relief.But our data suggests that trend started before Kim K. An anonymous reader cites an amusing article on Stuff: When Telstra offered its mobile customers unlimited data for two separate days this year as compensation for network outages, some customers took it as a challenge to download as much as they possibly could in one day.These numbers are all measured on a worldwide basis, but there is very little difference in the numbers when we looked at the US audience only.

The researchers have speculated that electromagnetic active and heat energy coming from the phone can “cook” sperm, causing it to die and leading to plunging fertility rates.

In the same study, we also found that females are more loyal than males when it comes to retention.

In fact, , women have 42% higher 7-day retention on average versus males.

We also found that females spend 35% more time in gaming apps than males.

While the fact that females invest more time in gaming apps, especially in management and simulation games, has rarely been disputed, the fact that females also outspend males in In-App Purchases came as a surprise to us.

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The gaming segment still accounts for 32% of time spent on mobile devices and hence that segment will be sought after by major advertisers.

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