Matlock the dating game

Matlock once represented a man in his divorce proceedings, and upon his instructions, offered the wife a small fortune to relinquish custody of their son. Now the ex –wife can only find work as a stripper, and her ex-husband was just murdered, leaving her as the prime suspect.

Matlock represents a maid accused of killing her employer, at the request of the man’s widow.

Daniel tries to convince Matlock that his father just can’t handle any stress due to his heart condition, but Nicholas continues to beg Matlock to clear his name.

Sisters Julia and Emily execute a clever and cold-hearted plan to murder their wealthy aunt and frame her husband, Harold Scully.

When his client ignores Matlock’s suggestions at toning down her life-style, he can only hope to reach her before she condemns herself to a life in prison.

Ben’s law professor is arrested on charges of committing vehicular homicide, but claims to have no recollection of what happened.

When Ben meets the entire family, he realizes that despite what his client has always done for a living, at heart, he’s a worried father who wants to clear his name.

Even though they’ve lost a key witness, Matlock keeps defending Nicholas Baron.

Matlock agrees to defend her and gets some good home cooking in the bargain.

Ben reluctantly agrees to defend the annoying Scully and is faced with the challenge of breaking the seemingly airtight alibi of the sisters, and the strong bond between them.

Detective Joe Peters has been accused of taking bribes and murdering a fence, and also suspected in the death of a fellow cop.

Meanwhile, a bold, enterprising young law student hopes to talk her way into a job as Ben’s assistant.

Matlock takes on the defense of the president of a builders union who has been framed for murder.

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