Mandating health initiatives

The governor continued to focus on these issues Wednesday, when he joined a group of addicts in a recovery group at the Preferred Behavioral Health clinic in Toms River.Christie thanked them for helping him better understand the issue and pledged to work with leaders from the GOP mega-donor Koch Industries to encourage New Jersey companies to do more to hire former inmates and recovering addicts — another plan he touched on in his speech.“Whether your child lives or dies should not be subject to a denial letter from an insurance company.

The state now has 35 — requiring a range of cancer screenings, tests for autism and other disabilities, and minimum hospital stays for certain procedures.

These policies are not governed by state insurance laws, including mandates, and while individual companies may choose to include a benefit — like mammograms or prostate cancer screenings — a six-month stay in a rehab facility would be a costly extra, experts noted. Mishael Azam, COO and legislative affairs manager with the Medical Society of New Jersey, said physicians were not on board.

She said educating patients on how to securely store and safely dispose of their medicine would do more than limiting supply.

Hear three national experts discuss developments and policy scenarios.

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