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Senior Islamic clerics make headlines condemning their lifestyles.“Committing carnal intercourse against the order of nature” (namely oral or anal sex) could land you up to 20 years in prison or a whipping sentence, thanks to the country’s colonial-era penal code left by the British.

Maybe just spend way way lesser time with them, and go make new friends from different circles. Story-tell the shit out of anyone If there’s one skill I personally think if useful in impressing a girl, is able to tell a good story.

A classic case of cluster-fucking, the students will just look for other Malaysian kids in their class and hang with them throughout the tenure. There are more, for sure, but I figured with all the negativities about our PM, missing money scandals and monkeys-running-parliament and zoos, I figured why not I share some tips from either local guys who had successfully scored hot, smart, funny, gorgeous Malaysian girls, or “feature-requests” from the hot, smart, funny, gorgeous Malaysian girls themselves. Know that you, too, have things to be proud of Malaysians can be modest, because we were told since young if you pandai (8), don’t show off lar.

Truth is, if you’re good at something, you’re good at something, and though you need to practice some moderation, it’s practically ok to demonstrate your strengths or talents.

So when I was supposed to be finishing my slides for a guest-lecture for a University I drop out from (yeah, I know, it warrants another blog post), I sort of kepoh (1) a bit a overheard this hot, smart, funny, gorgeous Malaysian young lady having such a good time conversing, laughing, flirting and touching with an ang moh (2) dude.

Then I remembered a couple of hot, smart, funny, gorgeous Malaysian girl friends who are either married to or dating ang moh dudes too, and I did ask them why not give the local boys a shot. Now, please bear in mind these are just opinions of a few and does not reflect every Malaysian guy, but if you terasa (3), well, maybe you are the few? Malaysian guys dunno how to talk No, they don’t mean deaf and mute, but rather the surveyed group found that when the guys are in the presence of a hot, smart, funny, gorgeous Malaysian girl, said guys just shutter, mum-up, become nervous, get a bulging hard-on etc.

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