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The whole calculation can take upto about 2.5 hours, so I want to do some report writing when waiting on results.

This all works well, gives good results, even when 4 excel instances are running (i've got 4 cores, and only 1 core is used per instance). But when i use by example 1 Excel instance with the program running, and have Word opened, in Word also the screen updating turns off and on sometimes (it does not always turn off and on).

The following sentence will turn offthe screen updating : Application.

Screenupdating = False It's not necessary to turn on the screen updating.

And after all don’t turn screen updating on/off many times in some loop. And one more note (which you probably don’t want to hear) if you want it quick use C .

It is typically 5 to 10 times quicker (don’t catch me here it depends on what you really do) than VBA.

I noticed quite strange behaviour in Word, likely caused by Excel VBA macro's.

Keep that on mind if you will execute anything which would take less time.

(this part is less important to me, just dont run Word macros when running the Excel code ;) ) full solver integration code (storing settings, start and stop solver) only direct reading and writing to the excel sheet, no .select or commands worksheet1.activate to switch between 2 sheets (it couldn't be avoided, solver runs only on the active sheet, controls are on another sheet) application.screenupdating application.calculation = xlcalculation Manual/Automatic Active Document.

references, and none other special commands (and screenupdating happens also when macros are not enabled) ( i know, it is better to use This Document.

(this also happens when Macro's in Word are disabled.) Also when the Excel program is running, and I run a very Word Macro for some document formatting, the Word Macro only starts after the Macro in Excel is finished AND in the Excel VBA window, for a very short time, the Word files name is visible in the properties window on the left side.

(But when i open Excel VBA and Word VBA 2 different VBA windows are visible, and the Word file name is not visible in the Excel VBA window or vice versa.

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