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Start with the simple things and build as much depth into your list as possible.The more you know about yourself and what it is you are looking for the easier it will be to target where to look.The first thing that most people think about when they hear about match dating using the Internet is one of the big online dating web sites.While there is nothing wrong with these sites, they are not the only way to use the Internet to find a date.

(You can always get a pre paid cell phone for this.) Finally, don't limit yourself to only one web site or one way of looking for your next date.

When the other person finds out you have been lying do you think it is going to help further the relationship?

Plus, who wants to build a relationship with someone who they don't really know?

Many people try to hide things about themselves while talking to other people, especially online.

While you want to keep certain things secret, like your address and where you work for safety reasons, there is no need to start building a relationship on lies.

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Some of my personal favorites include forums and discussion groups, social networking web sites like myspace and facebook and online personal ads.

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