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28"' a great many popping Shots and canimading, as the P(»t at green hill w.'.s covered, we began the Road over the Bogs and throwing up an l-'.paulement. The Knemy sent out a Flag of Truce to bury their dead, which when over, the canonading began again : the Frigate was so hurt she hawled close to the Town, the Ships fired very much against B' Wolfes Batteries. Report of the (."ommissioner for the year ending June ,10, igoi. Col Messervy and his Son both died this day, and of his Company of Carpenters of 108 men, all but 16 in the small Pox, who are Nurses to the sick, this is particularly unlucky at this time. I0'\ the Road at the Fpaulement went on a little better, the Enemy fired a great deal and threw many Shells. Hardy, to carry some things to their wounded Officers and Prisoners. » Miray Lake, now Miray Bay, north of Louisbour^, on the western coast of C;ipe Breton. S U I J**", the canonading 6c firing continued, the Enemy trycd to throw some shells into Camp, supposed to be intended against our powder Magazine, at ten at night the IJght- House Battery fired some Rockets as a Signal of Ships sailing out of the Harbour. AMHERST'S JOtl RNAr S 17 Camji of I.ouisbnurj^' Julv 27'! On the 24'.'' the fire was very brisk on tur side and the Knemies decreased, The Admiral gave me 400 Seamen to help work at the Batteries &" and 200 Mimrs added to a Corps of 100 already established that we might make quick work of it. The 4 Gun Battery open'd and another of 5 erecting, One of the men of war in the harbour the hit'nftiisant tired at our trenches at high water, and the Citadel & the Bastion Dauphine fired against the 4 gun Battery, but our men firing Small Arms into the Mmbrusarcs beat the Knemv ointed Lieutenant 17th Keyiment of Kout, February :;, 1757. London : I'rintcd for Kdward and Charles Dilly, in the Poultry; And John Millan, at Charing-Cross. T' J manv difficulties of landing every thing in allmost a continual Surf, making of Roads, draining and passing of Bj'^s, and putting ourselves under Cover, renders our approach to the Place much longer than I could wish, but 1 beg leave to assure you, Sir, that no time shall he lost in advancing and 1 doubt not, but, the necessary Precautions being taken, our Success will be very certain. Sir C: I lardy answered it, the Frigate got out, and Sir C Hardys Fleet got under Sail & went to Sea. 26 KNOX'S HISTORICAL lor UNAL appkndix arrive daily but desert most shamefully, and thev have left a great many men behind in the meazles, SS'**- two of the Rhode Island Reg' trved for desertion were sentenced to suffer death, I ordered all the Troops to be out the next morning at 6 o clock for the Kxecution. The last recorded frame on each microfiche shall contain the symbol —^ (meaning "CON- TIIMUED"), or the symbol V (meaning "END"! IMaps, plates, charts, etc., may be filmed at different reduction ratios. Those too large to be entirely included In one exposure are filmed beginning In the upper left hand corner, left to right and top to bottom, as many frames as required.

AMHERST'S JOURNALS ii 27"" one Brass 24 P' was lijst in 12 Fathom water by slipping off the Catamaran, as they were coming from the Ship to land it, the Cannon, I asked of the Admiral, were landed this night at the light House. the Sortie was of five Picquets supported by 600 men, a Cap' Chevalier de Chauvelin ' was killed, a Lieut: wounded & taken prisoner, 17 men killed, 4 wounded & brought off Prisoners, besides what wounded they caryed into the Town, one of which, a Captain, c'icd immediately. 227 -240 : "An annotated List of the Fishes to occur in the St. By Baron Warren ICvcrmann and William Converse Kendall." See vol.

il est filmi i partir de I'angle supiriaur gauche, da gauche i droite, et de haut en bas, en prenant le nombre d'imagas necessaire. 1 2 3 1 2 3 4 5 6 THE PUBLICATIONS OF THE CHAMPLAIN SOCIETY :'^ •i,*v atr'-^vc^ "• ., *': ■■"» THE PUBLICATIONS OF THE CHAMPLAIN SOCIETY THE JOURNAL OF CAPTAIN JOHN KNOX VOLUME III— APPENDIX TORONTO THE CHAMPLAIN SOCIETY Five llun Jie J and Twinly Copiii of l/iis Fo/ume have bee. DOUGHTY IN THREE VOLUMES VOLUME III TORONTO THE CHAMPLAIN SOCIETY 1916 h-r/1 ^-^ L. Report on Quebec bv Major Patrick Mac Kell.^r VL Papers relative to Brigadier - General Murray's Expedition ahovk Qi'ehec, August, 1759 . h\ some of the Prisoners I had intelliiicricc that Mons' S' Julien, Colonel, co TTianded in the Cove; that there were five Batt" in the Town, Tiamely, Bour(.ii^ne, .-irtoii Ri,\a'. -i,:.iircs Etrangeri with about 7C0, Canadians, the three first Regirt'-'nts wintered in Louishurg, Volontaires Kirangers came the.e not long since with part of the Fleet, and Cambisr the night before we landed. I was in hopes to have sent my Letters to you long before this, my last of the 6"' was to inform you of our Situation here, with every thing that had passed at this place 'till that time.

JUL -f Woi'Ndeu, at Qu Eii EC FROM April 27 to M.w 17, 1760 . We took from the Enemy 3, 24 Pounders 7, 9 Pounders and -, 6 Pounders, 2 Mortars and 14 Swivels, all which were placed along the shore to prevent our landing, with Ammunition Tools & Stores of all kinds. On the 7"" we had very foggy weather I received a Letter from the Governour of Louisburg by a Drummer, and one from Admiral Boscawen, which I sent to him with the one I had received, the Atlmiral came on shore, we both wrote, and I sent the Drummer back in the Afternoon ; a Copy of Mons^ Drucour's Letter to me and my answer are herewith enclosed, canonading continued all day, and a good deal of popping Shots from the advanced Posts.

Les cartes, planches, tableaux, etc., peuvent ttre filmte i das taux de reduction diffirents. 5 Lieut' 2 Serj'.' 1 Corporal and 5 1 Men wounded, and ot the five Companys of Rangers 1 i Insign and ,1 priv;i:e Killed, I wounded, & 1 missing. Doughty." Also published in "Siege of Quebec," vol.

Lorsque la document est trop grand pour Atre reproduit en un seul clichi. The rimaimng Five Hundred are supplied only lo Members of the Society and to Subscribing Libraries. APPENDIX IC) AN HISTORICAL JOURNAL OF THE CAMPAIGNS IN NORTH AMERICA For the Years 1757, 1758, 1759, and 1760 BV CAPTAIN JOHN KNOX EDITED WITH INTRODUCTION, APPENDIX AND INDEX UY ARTHUR G. On the l-'s side 2 Capt' of (irenadu 2 Ijeut' are prisoners, one Officer Killed and an I i_ian Chief, several Men likewise Killed, and I imagine alout 70 Men taken Prisoners, they were sent on hoard :l^ fast as possi Me.

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