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The idea is that when I’m running around in the kitchen, you have an anchor in your familiarity with someone else in the room, but you’re otherwise forced to meet new people. By the time we’re on the umpteenth bottle of wine, though, all rules go out the window: other friends might come by, everyone’s sitting on the floor, conversation turns a bit raunchy. Several months ago you left your full-time job at the now (recently) defunct Yahoo! It was all very clear: what it should be called, what the format should be, everything.Food to pursue The Lonely Hour podcast, among other things. I hadn’t had that kind of clarity often enough before. Currently I’m wearing one from Rihanna’s collaboration with Mac; it has a frost to it, which makes me think of that whole early 90s R&B thing. When I was stressed at work, whereas some people would get a Snickers bar, I would go get a lipstick. They were not made for me, and they may not look great on me, but they’re [email protected] cool and I love them.There are reports on the rates of depression rising, reports linking loneliness to health problems, but there’s not a lot of discussion trying to truly understand what that feeling is. Do you feel like talking about loneliness will make you feel less lonely? While I do get lonely in terms of the partnership thing, I have a lot of alone time, and some people would not be comfortable with it, but I very much crave it. Do you have any people in mind for future guests where you think, “Yeah, that guy seems really lonely.”No, it’s less about that. My goal is to show that everyone feels this, so people don’t need to be the exemplar of loneliness to come on to the show. That people could communicate looking at one another, engage, and state their intentions. I think people used to have a sense of urgency in real time that they don’t have anymore. I still think a lot of what I’m drawn to in men is from my libido, and I think maybe that’s not a good thing. I happen to be someone who’s very sexual and is driven by that impulse. I support the “brain” choices, but I also wasn’t always like that.

I think it’s the right time to be talking about this. My fairy godmother Christine Muhlke, who is very smart and has been able to keep a toe in things outside of food, even though she’s very much involved in food. Some might say even When it comes to fashion and décor, your taste is incredible, but very unique. I would love to have a Yucatan-inspired, super-colorful, wild-patterned something, and then a Greek-inspired thing, where everything is white with flowing white curtains.

On a chilly February afternoon in Brooklyn, photographer Amelia Tubb followed Julia and me as we explored her morning routine (Ghanaian kimono-like robe included), indulged in a rustic chicken stew, and finished with a cocktail at local Ft. I got into BU to study journalism, but I switched after my first semester.

Greene haunt Romans, each of us decked in obscenely imaginative coats (a fashion staple of Julia's). I like journalism because it’s about taking a pulse and reflecting what's going on, but it seemed to me that I would learn more about being a reporter by reporting, not about reporting.

Because of this, I’ve always had an open mind about food; I was comfortable eating different things at a very young age, when my friends were on strict beige diets.

Is there a particular chef or restaurant you’re really into right now?

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And I had been toying with the idea of writing instead of editing for a while. Some people say that these things don’t hold much weight anymore, but being nominated for a [James] Beard award gave me a little confidence. It’s scary because I’ve been contributing to a 401K and I’ve been going, going, going for a while, but I believe I’ve got some stuff in me and I’m going to try. It continued, worsened, then got better, then got really bad, and it went back and forth like that for years. I’m lucky my mother did, because when she’s sober, she’s a delightful human being. New York women really let their fashion freak flags fly, God love them. I go to CAP Beauty in the West Village to get everything.

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