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The city was also a major centre during the Mauryan period as Buddhist and Jain temples have also been revealed in the excavations.Siswal, Banawali, Kanwari, and Rakhigarhi are some of the sites of Indus Valley Civilization of now lost ancient Drishadvati river flowing through Hisar, Drishadvati river was a tributary of ancient Sarasvati River which still flows as remnant Ghaggar-Hakra River.The city remained as a major center of the Indian independence movement from the rebellion of 1857 until the independence, as many national leaders visited the city during the movement such as Lala Lajpat Rai in 1886, in western Haryana.It has an average elevation of 215 m (705 ft) above mean sea level.In the middle of the fort stood the Firoz Shah Palace.Apart from its several underground apartments, the complex had different buildings such as Baradari, Lat ki Masjid, Diwan-e-Aam, and Shahi Darwaza.The region came under the rule of British East India Company in 1803 and remained a part until the Indian Rebellion of 1857 when Muhammad Azim and Rao Tula Ram conquered it away for a short period.

Archeological excavations at nearby locations of Rakhigarhi, Siswal, and Lohari Ragho suggest the presence of human habitation from pre-Harappan period.When the Punjab was divided in 1966, Hisar became part of Haryana.The current name was given in 1354 AD, as Hisar-e-Firoza by Firuz Shah Tughlaq, the Sultan of Delhi from 1351 to 1388.The annual highest rainfall of 793.6 mm (31.24 in) was recorded in 1976 and the lowest of 145.2 mm (5.72 in)in 2000. Hot winds, locally known as loo, are strong and frequent from May to July.Occasionally, dust-storms are experienced during summer and hail-storms during February to April. Thunderstorms also occur during post monsoon season and summer.

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