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A feminist stripper is a professional exotic dancer who does not conform to the stereotypes associated with exotic dancers, and instead identifies positively with the identity of stripper.Feminist strippers are sex-positive feminists who view their profession as a choice and a career field.

A good stripper hates her job and the bad stripper enjoys it.

The mainstream media has perpetuated the virgin/whore dichotomy to a point of a selfless identity for the everyday woman whose career is stripping.

The movies Striptease and Showgirls have brought to life a few sides of the stripper that is now seen as typical.

Roberta Perkin's work with sex workers [location] showed that sex workers "exerted a significant amount of control over their working lives, felt empowered by their work and most were not arrested or subjected to violence." Feminist strippers find benefits from their work, including but not limited to, the ability to create their own hours, and work on a pay scale that is a direct reflection of their skills and talents.

Feminist strippers receive a sense of empowerment from performing for an audience on stage.

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