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If any one know's if this is a matter for a civil law suit please let us know at h j a r 1 9 7 6 @ Yahoo!

I sent payment paperwork in so they will stop garnishing her paycheck and haven't heard anything or I'm I doing it wrong I want to make payments but the are taking so much out we cant live I don't want to go bankrupt I like to avoid that if possible I bought two homes in the early 90's.

he was telling in 45 min the police will arrest me or I should settle 00 amount that I owe in my tax from 2007 to 2013..

some time they got a hold of my wife and told her that she was going to get a return of over ,000.00 we then found out that this was wrong and don't understand how they filed those taxes without my ss# nor my W-2 form mr my signature and they did add me to her taxes we had to go to HR BLOCK to file a second look re do the taxes Ans ended up paying back is this LEGAL??And due to loving my 14 yr old so much he was gonna leave him his truck. My sister was always jealous of me and my dads closenss, then very jealous of my son. I filled my return for 2015 and I am under identity theft I was told that this situation was taking care of for 2012 and they came to a conclusion that it was fraud and i did not owe and I was able to file my return for 2015 and when i filled on February 2,2016 the return went through and then they called me back and stated that they need my IP Pin then i called the IRS identity hot line and they told me as i was trying to get my IP Pin number they stated that i owe and I stated how is this possible i thought it was handled i keep getting different stories and i am the victim here back in 2012 I was staying with my kids father cousin his wife Alisa Johnson was the one that kicked us out of her house and she went in my purse and stole my California ID and my Social Security Card and she been filling returns in my name and adding dependents that was not mine I was also told the signature kind of matches I am a good citizen never in trouble and a hard worker that signature on the return is fraud in that year of 2012 I was on the county receiving monthly income and I was going through surgeries on my knee so I was disabled in that year I received a phone call on Dec.Nothing much happened except jer and my brother taking all the valuables out of the house. 14, 2015 stating I am being sued by the IRS and left the phone # to call back for more we realy have to pay 25% of Our monthly salary to US?We my wife and I hired a company by the name of Patriot Tax services out of El Paso Texas, we requested to file on a separate basis since I am backed up on child support, they did not have my social security number nor my W-2 forms!!!

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