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There is some Geological infor- mation — and some account of the Mineral treasures of the dis- trict, both those that are known and those that are supposed to exist. SINGAPORE : Printed at the " Straits Times " Press, by A. When I come across such names as Baum- garten, and Neubronner, and TVesterhout in connection with the advancement of science in the Straits, I cannot help hoping that some of those who bear those names, and other like names, in the present generation, may be stirred up by the example of those who have gone before them, to use the great advantages thev have, such as their familiarity with the language of the place, and their inherited power of enduring its climate, in seek- ing knowledge for its own sake, not merely for the purpose of applying it to their own personal and material benefit, but in order to contribute something to the common stock. There are some very valuable papers upon the Geography both of Malaya as a whole, and of various portions of it; as well as most inter- esting accounts of tours undertaken by individuals, in which Geographical notes are interspersed among other facts which the tourist observed and recorded.INAUGURAL ADDEESS O It will be impossible for me to do more than just glance at some few of the subjects upon which additional knowledge is urgently required, and may be reasonably hoped for. Now, I need say nothing to this meet- ing about the almost total ignorance in which we live of some of the more distant and inaccessible portions of the g Teat extent of land about which this Society proposes to collect and publish information.I need not remind you how completely New Guinea is a " terra incognita ;" or even of how little is known of the interior of Borneo and Sumatra. It would probably astonish some people to learn how ex- tremely little accurate knowledge we possess even of the Malay Peninsula itself. Some are repre- sented by their descendants, as in the case of the leader and chief of them all, whose son, Mr. Logan, you have elected to be the Vice-President of the Society in Penan g. Logan's coadjutors to an end, I cannot help remarking with great pleasure, that in the list of them are to be found, not only the names of those whose connection with these countries was more or less tempo- rary, but also of some, who, for generations, have made their family home here. Logan and the gentlemen who were associated with him covers a great deal of ground. Some remain among us, and have given the prestige of their names to this new undertaking, and will, we may hope, contribute to the publications of our Society some of the stores of knowledge and experience which they have been gathering since the old days. Several have been suggested, and of them all I prefer the name ' Malaya/ as being at once the most simple, and the most intelligible. For, though the different parts of it vary from one another in a g Teat many particulars, yet they are in no slight degree homogeneous, and it would be a great convenience to be able to speak of them all under one common name.

Occasional Popular Lectures upon literary or scientific subjects may be delivered, under the sanction of the Council, on evenings other than those appointed for General meeting's of the Society. INAUGURAL ADDRESS BY THE PRESIDENT, THE VENERABLE ARCHDEACON HOSE M. The first is to explain, at some greater length than has been done hitherto, the objects which the pro- moters have had in view in seeking to establish the Straits Asiatic Society ; and the second is to point out the means by which it is hoped these objects may be attained. The science of Ethno- logy is largely dealt with by Mr. L 9*1*^0^ JOURNAL tyffp - Qs OF THE STRAITS BRANCH OF THE ROYAL ASIATIC SOCIETY. There are useful notices of the Natural Products, and of the Modes of Agriculture, especially of the methods of treating the most important articles of commerce. }■ Visitors may be admitted to the Meetings of the Society, but no one who is not a member shall be allowed to address the Meeting except by invitation or permission of the Chairman. The Council shall have power to present copies to other Societies and to distinguished individuals, and the remaining copies shall be sold at such prices as the Council shall from time to time direct. Twenty-four copies of each paper published in the Jour- nal shall placed at the disposal of the Author. Science is greatly in want of some general term to describe this great portion of the earth's surface, including both the continental and the insular divisions of it. It shall comprise a selection of the papers read before the Society, the Report of the Council and Treasurer, and such other matter as the Council may deem it expedient to publish. Every member of the Society shall be entitled to one copv of the Journal, deliverable at the place of publication. The Couacil shall have power to sanction the publication, in a separate form, of papers or documents laid before the Society, if in their opinion practicable and expedient. But no doubt the attention of the Society will be chiefly concentrated upon the Peninsula of Malacca, as far North as the Tenasserim Provinces, and the great Indian Archipelago, that wonderful chain of Equatorial Islands stretching from Sumatra on the West to New Guinea of the East.

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Logan's writings may be of interest : — " If the word " Malay" be confined to the Malays and their language ; and •'the word "Malayan" be exclusively used as a generic term for all the " races and languages of what the French call Malaisie, we may dispense " with the indefinite word " Archipelago" (Journal I. The establishment of such a journal in a young' Colony, such as the Straits Settlements was in the year IS 1-7, was a bold en- terprise for a single individual to undertake. It was evidently a time of great scientific power, and of much literary activity in the Siraits. There was the Governor of the Straits for the time being, and other Government officers.

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