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Updating tables in sequence with primary key and foreign key relations Hi all, In my project i will have the data in a collection of objects, I need to update series of tables with foreign key relations Right now my code looks like this foreach(object obj in Objects){ int account Id=Account. NET architecture and extended it into a powerful Object Access Services component for . with setting Data Object Type Name and passing Update Parameters NOTE...

This is necessary since I found no way to get the current column from the Event Args.I have an edititemtemplate for the listview and in there I have textboxes to allow to the user to edit the school info AND the teacher info (using Text='' for example)Switching to edit mode works... So what I would like to be able to do is get a list of a table's foreign keys and hopefully the tables they reference in (C# preferably). I finally found something posted by a random genious on ...How to access data using objects onkeypress event Hi there, Onkeypress event of a textbox, I want to query database using my already existing database connection ( i'm using How to retrieve foreign key field through update button click event for Datalist Control What I am trying to accomplish is to do a batch update using Data List Control through the Button Click Event. Item Index])...update key columns with foreign keys relationship Hi, I'm using PB9 and like a charm and has the right insert-order : D Since I received a PM asking me how I solved it, I might as well post it here for future reference...The basic idea is to handle the Updating and Inserting events of the datasource and the go from there.

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