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Pace Assistant Dean and Director of Special Programs and Projects has agreed to take on this project and has began development of the site along with the experts Adaptations.The Daniel Jordan Fiddle Foundation, UJA Federation of New York and the Hilibrand Foundation are looking forward to the growth of this first Ignition Grant Program and aspire for it to serve as a model for the development of similar programs in communities everywhere.Participants also receive individualized support within the context of the small group.The Social Learning group now has 12 active individuals with a facilitator from the Mount Sinai Seaver Center and an intern from Adaptations who is with the group for her second year.After several years of hearing about people’s desire to date and discussing dating issues one on one with participants, Adaptations is finally able to do so in a group setting.This has allowed participants to receive help in creating their own dating profiles, and explore issues of boundaries and safety when dating online.” etc.) This group is still in its infancy phase where people are just excited to have a place to ask questions, feel validated in not knowing the answers, learn how to better understand social cues and ultimately improve their self confidence.The fourth support group in the program ,that is still in formation, will focus on building confidence in dating and social relationships in the context of the larger community outside the program.

The first DJF Ignition Grant recipient fulfills the goal these organizations imagined and that adults living with Autism have been asking for: a program to help them form, maintain and navigate healthy interpersonal relationships.The first recipient program of the DJF Ignition Grant is the JCC of Manhattan.This program focuses on the dating, relationships and sexuality and is geared towards adults living with ASD.Participants have expressed that they now feel more comfortable dating on line.This group has also allowed for the creation of a forum for the participants to start asking questions that they have kept inside for so long and to gain support from their peers (eg:“How do I ask someone out on a date? ”, or “ How do I know when it is appropriate to kiss my date?

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