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Bengt Lindvall, 75, and Rose Becker, 72, share the same adventurous spirit and curiosity about the world.“Four eyes see so much more and two loving people experience so much more out of life,” says Lindvall, who met Becker online.Their story When Becker arrived at the restaurant, Lindvall was waiting with a plastic red rose between his teeth. The conversation flowed easily, as did the laughter. Before meeting her family at a bat mitzvah, Lindvall — originally from Sweden, where he grew up as a Protestant — read all he could about Judaism.Lindvall told her he wanted to climb Mount Kilimanjaro. At the gathering, he had a long conversation with the rabbi. Deep inside, it didn’t feel right.”“I thought it was fun,” says Becker.They’ve been married for nine years.“He has made my life wonderful,” says Becker, sitting in their sky-high condo, Toronto sprawled at their feet.“Honestly, how grateful I am to have a second love affair.”His story When Bengt Lindvall’s wife, Monica, died of cancer in 2003, she left him with 41 years of happy memories — and a list of their female friends whom he should never date.

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Bedecked in feathers and sparkles, they danced in the Carnival parade. Since he didn’t know her size, the store clerk gave him two for a buck.“The dollar store rings were perfect.

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