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Viewers will only hear audio when a lecturer is selected for the event, but hasn’t yet joined the callbeing streamed.

You can view Live Stream meeting history from the listing of events on the Live Streams tab of the Meetings page.

Enter Lifesize Live Stream — presentations come alive and employees are engaged when speakers can be seen on video, share their screens and answer real-time questions.

Take your event beyond the office by live streaming to tens, hundreds or even thousands of people.

Expand the reach and impact of company meetings and important events.

Up to 10,000 viewers can watch from a variety of browsers and mobile devices no matter where they happen to be.

If you are a participant, you will receive the link to the event in the invitation via email. The Live Stream event passcode, if required, is not the same as a meeting passcode.Start a conversation with chat and transition to video with just a click—because let's face it, sometimes face to face is just better."At the same time, the company also is taking the recording and sharing features of its Lifesize Cloud Amplify technology to the Lifesize Cloud Web App.With the technology, customers using Lifesize's browser-based app can record and share meetings, training, messages and other sessions through their personal video libraries, officials said.Yes, if Live Stream is enabled in the Admin Console, you can initiate or join your event from an Icon, Phone and Phone HD interface.For participants that are not active presenters, Live Stream events are best consumed from a browser-based device such as a laptop or mobile device.

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Lifesize Cloud free trial Lifesize Cloud is a blend of software, hardware, service and UX and is a service that provides a connected experience to anyone using smartphones, tablets, laptops and especially conference rooms.

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