Latin man dating black woman

His name was Jessie, and besides sharing the first name of my Dad, he stole my heart with his caramel skin, dark, thick eyes and smile.

Things would never work out between us, we did have an *interlude* later in life, after having became close friends after graduation and during mid high school.

I couldn’t focus on my own vocal development, and after becoming frustrated and bored with spending my almost teen afternoons doing scales in a hot gymnasium, I quit singing forever.

Most people who know me don’t know that I can sing. Richard, I, and the rest of our classmates went on with life and partied, fussed, and fought with each other on towards the unavoidable 8th grade graduation. Eighth grade graduation parties are way more interesting when Spin the Bottle is played.

The majority of us were familiar with each other since we had been in attendance at this school since at least first grade, others arrived for kindergarten and had been friends even longer.

Richard was in a new school, and visibly upset with wet eyes and ruddy cheeks from crying, his last name bought him to his present location, seated among other like last named children.

He laughed at my silliness and I fell in love with a boy whose family came from a place called Chile.

“Puppy Dog” eyes is what the teacher would say as he would pout at her, as he did when he hoped to get a pass for incomplete homework, and it sometimes worked.

I yelped and the pain exploding in my face as my eyes filled with tears and pooled down my cheeks.

Brown, liquid, eyes, hovered beneath dark eye lashes and full dimples in his cheek when he smiled.

He sat behind me for nearly our entire grammar school career.

Since I don’t recall anything Earth shattering as I write this now, I presume life moved on after the coloring book incident, and I survived second grade without too much of a hitch.

Jessie taught me that no matter what you give a man, or how good your intentions are, it doesn’t mean he’s gonna take what you give and do good things with it.

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He would whisper in my ear, lower than the teacher’s lecture, of course.

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