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Karma said Raman Maharshi, is a spark of chaitanya.

Declaring that katha is a satsang, Bapu chose the spiritual mythological interpretation of the personality and characteristics of Angad as the central theme on which this katha would be focused.Aluthma Aluth Gon Badu Videos Saha Sinhala Badu Mehide Labagatha Heka.Sinhala Lanka New Sinhala Videos And New Sinhala Kiss For You.From his deathbed, Vali requested Rama to accept angad as his anuchar, his servant and the instrument of all his directions and needs.Bapu pointed out that Vali could have asked for making Angadas successor to throne or to even making him a crown prince (Yuvraj) but Vali asked for neither.

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Vali is an avatar of Indra, a god always aspiring for power and prominence. This would be very troublesome, inconvenient for Vali himself but he insisted on showing off his achievements.

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