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We tend to run on adrenalin for the first few days and then crash a bit.

The beauty of coming to Mysore for many is to focus primarily on our personal practice and to construct our days around that. It is not easy for many to allow this but eventually a “yoga fever” will make it easier for us to slow down!

Shiva, Murthi or Ganesh are three local agents that are in business to help yoga students find their way from transport to accommodation.

Food, scooters, money change, you name it, they can help you to find it or do it!

One student asked Guruji when the pain would disappear, he replied, “pain not leaving, only moving! But often after undoing a few of the knots we might have accumulated in our bodies during the second month then we can really start to enjoy the lightness and flow from the vinyasa method.

We usually arrive in India at some early hour of the morning and are possibly met at the airport by a taxi sent from Mysore.

It makes sense that most of us come form a quite different climate and quite different time zone. This combination will often take the body at least two weeks to a month to adapt.

The best advise given to me before coming here for the first time was to take things very easy for the first week or two.As this purification deepens, so the breath will become steady.As the breathing is developed then mind control will be automatic, he maintains, with absolutely no doubt.Mysore to an ashtanga practitioner is like Hawaii is to a surfer. It is where all the most serious ashtanga yoga practitioners have learnt.One need not have had any experience to practice here.

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