Korean cultural differences dating

Also, not everyone ends up married to their first Korean boyfriend either.

I actually dated a few Korean guys before meeting my husband.

She then continued to explain how she thought they were better boyfriends and more chivalrous (I think this has more to do with upbringing then culture).

Are certain cultures more committed to their relationships then others?

Specifically looking at modern Asian culture, and some less modern aspects still present in some Asian countries. So, obviously steeped in experience and much learnings. Actually, on this podcast, I think you’re getting the two most experienced guys for China, in the English-speaking world anyway. You’re from Canada, but you’re actually ethnic Chinese. And I’m kind of white, so we’ve got kind of different perspectives here as well, I guess, from that perspective. [Angel Donovan]: So that's something we could talk a bit about today, which might be interesting also. [Angel Donovan]: Alright, so what we’re going to do here is we’re going to talk about Asian women because it’s quite a topic especially since kind of like the rise of China and the rise of Asia and it’s been getting a lot more popular in the news and everything. There’s like the ethnically Asian in the US and in the UK and in Western countries, and then there are the Asian women in Asia who are kind of like original and they have a kind of different set of culture and so on. [David Tian]: Yeah, I think there's a big difference, but that difference, it can make a big difference when a guy’s trying to hook up or get a relationship going. So, I mean, when we’re talking about Asia, are all Asians the same, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Thai, you know? So me, being now in Singapore, I’ve become very aware of the fact that there are a lot of different types of Asian cultures, and especially in Southeast Asia is the Muslim influence, which really throws things for a loop because in China it’s hardly even present in the big cities. [David Tian]: So most of what I think we’re going to be talking about is applied best to East Asian women, and insofar as Singapore there's quite a lot of Chinese influence, and insofar as they share that, I think most of that is held in common. [David Tian]: So the way I like to talk about it is in terms of the Confucian culture, [laughs] so Confucianized societies or societies within the greater Chinese cultural sphere. [David Tian]: So Japan and Korea, they take their history largely out of China. But in Asia you can actually be faulted that you’re acting outside of social norms or contravening social norms by making somebody else lose face. So you can actually kind of damage the relationship a lot more easily than you could maybe in the West. You really have to pay attention about where she is in relation to her friends, her peers, anybody who might know her, and even, I’ve discovered just the hard way, people who don’t know her at all. [Angel Donovan]: [Laughs] [David Tian]: And even if she likes you, just by that pressure you’re giving her, it would just make her shut down. You want to do it when there's less people around so she feels less uncomfortable about it. Don’t talk to me.” And I was really confused by that because it was just something I’d never seen before. ” [David Tian]: [Laughs] [Angel Donovan]: “Oh no, it’s the boogeyman stranger,” kind of effect, right? [Angel Donovan]: So I kind of thought that was funny. Actually, what I’ve found a good adjustment in Asia is to start off with something really innocuous, like if you’re doing street approaches, if you ask for time or directions. And I was kind of interested to see if I’d lost my kind of dating abilities [laughs] for the West because it’s been so long since I’ve been here, and in fact, I just kind of really found that I could be more messy and things were working a lot easier than in Asia. [Angel Donovan]: So it’s really interesting how it works out like that way. So how can that affect like the way you want to organize your dating lifestyle or…? [Laughs] [David Tian]: I learned that from a girl, so…Also some Koreans not living in Korea can have more pressure on them to marry a Korean because their parents are concerned about them losing their culture.When I get emails from people who are dating someone Korean but their boyfriend or girlfriend’s parents aren’t accepting of them it’s almost always been about Koreans who don’t live in Korea any more.With the divorce rate almost at 50%, I know for a fact that this isn’t true but what she said really stuck with me. Mark: Personally I think while culture does play a role, it’s personality.Some people are direct, some people are princesses and that’s the same everywhere.

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